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Sleeping In (to be renamed)

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Dec. 17th, 2007 | 10:57 pm
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Aya slowly untangled himself from his blankets, stretching out the kinks in his back and shoulders by reaching his arms into the air. Glancing toward the window, the red-haired man noticed the faint rays of sunlight streaming through the curtained window and acknowledged he must have slept past sunrise for once. He turned his head to his nightstand to see the clock blink 6:30.


He yawned then scratched his stomach while coming to a quick conclusion.

Breakfast. Then Shower.

Once set on a plan of action, Aya moved quickly.  He rose from bed to pace to his dresser, hardly sparing a thought to the morning chill. Grabbing a t-shirt from the top drawer, he pulled the clothing over his bare midriff, the shirt loose and long enough to hang over his comfortable, gray sweatpants. He didn’t bother to look in the mirror, for he cared little for the placement of his hair nor his teammates’ reaction to it. Now dressed, he saw little reason to linger any longer in the room and so headed toward the exit.

Just as he had reached the door, hand placed on the knob in preparation for the turn, a groan reached Aya’s ears from the clump of blankets on his bed. It was quickly followed by a pitiful whine of protest.

“Not so early!” A disembodied hand crawled from the pile upon the mattress, groped about the bedding, and, finding no slender red-head at rest, stilled. Bleary green eyes emerged from a hidden crack in the comforter as a sleep-ridden voice cracked. “Aya! It’s not decent!”

Aya’s hand stilled as he shifted his head to view the mass upon his bed. His face impassive, an unconscious “hn” responded to the accusation thrown at him.

“Back,” the thing from the deep mumbled as the hand weakly waved Aya over. “Come back here. Cold,” was offered in explanation as previously seen, tanned appendage retreated back into the folds.

“Breakfast,” Aya grunted. He finally released the handle to address the nuisance. He would have preferred to just ignore and escape, but knew that that would only bring temporary relief from the badgering. “It’s late,” he added while crossing his arms.

“Late my ass,” growled the bundle as it flopped a bit. It seemed to be rearranging in order to view the clock. “Six fucking thirty?! Oh hell no. Hell NO. That’s it!”

Aya was given little warning as the bedding unexpectedly jumped up and was steered toward him at a surprising speed. His violet eyes registered shock before he was tackled by the creature within, the blankets opening to reveal a disheveled blonde man in nothing but boxers before long arms wrapped around Aya’s waist and absorbed him into the blankets. Before Aya could even think of a response, before his brain could begin to function to let him repel this attack on his being, he was vaulted quickly back onto the bed with a rather impressive “drag-jump” maneuver that would have done a gymnast proud. He found himself encompassed in the blankets he had previously thrown off only minutes before with the slight, but not in any way overlooked, difference of a very grumpy looking lover glaring down into his eyes.

“Yohji,” Aya warned.

“Nuhuh! Nope! You promised no more early mornings on our day off!” A pout graced that beautifully carved face as Aya felt Yohji mold himself to the side of his stiff and prone body. “I’m cold and tired and you’re by far my favorite pillow.” To accentuate his statement, the man buried his face into the curve of Aya’s neck, tangling his legs with the red-head’s whilst sneaking one hand up the just-put-on t-shirt.

Aya gasped at the cold feel of those fingers and his features automatically fell into death-glare mode. He did anything but appreciate his position. He contemplated hitting the blonde idiot, for heaven knew it would be a balm to his anger and annoyance at being treated like a blanket-warmer. Instead, the fiery red-head decided he would just throw off the human-octopus and continue with searching out his breakfast. He would let his need to harm his lover cool over a nice hot bowl of miso soup.

Agreeing with his plan of action, Aya’s free hand reached out to push at Yohji’s shoulder. Right as it was about to make contact, the aforementioned pest shifted languidly. Yohji nuzzled into Aya’s neck a bit more before a gentle kiss from a smiling mouth was placed against his skin.

“Love you Ayan,” he mumbled sleepily before settling down once and for all.

Aya’s push slowed out into a light placing of his hand against Yohji’s shoulder, exasperatedly hugging the idiot to him, as his body finally relaxed. With a long-suffering sigh, a bit of a roll to his eyes, Aya placed a kiss to a mop of blonde hair next to his face, thinking that perhaps breakfast could wait a little while longer.

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